Reachem | Our Social Responsibility
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Our Social Responsibility

We take responsibility for a sustainable society
As a company, Reachem feels that it is important to help create a better society and a better world. We do this through various types of activities and aid organisations.

Step competition
Reachem participates in Save the Children Sweden’s Step competition, an event jointly arranged by Save the Children Sweden and Steg! For each participant, Steg! donates SEK 50 to Save the Children Sweden’s EveryOne project. Save the Children Sweden’s global EveryOne project aims to radically reduce infant mortality through health interventions for both mothers and newborns. The goal is to reduce global child mortality by two-thirds.

Sponsored child
Since 2012, Reachem has been a sponsor to Diane, a 5-year-old girl. Diane comes from Benin and likes dancing and singing. By sending money to Diane and her family every month, Reachem helps ensure she can continue to go to school, where math is her favourite subject.

Gifts that change the world
Reachem has repeatedly used the ChildFund International’s concept of gifts that change the world. These gifts consist, for instance, of buying goats for families in Zambia, school books for children in Ethiopia, fruit trees for families in Cambodia, toys for children in the Gambia, mosquito nets for families in Mali, and much more.

Blood donors
Reachem’s employees are blood donors.